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DEMX BRC-20 Guide

DEMX BRC-20 Guide

DEMI introduces a groundbreaking RWA-mining protocol available at What sets DEMI apart is its ability to tokenize the physical hash rate of Bitcoin, offering the opportunity to own DEMI tokens. Each $DEMI token is backed by 0.1 TH/S, allowing participants to join a collective mining pool and earn from Bitcoin mining without the need for dealing with equipment delivery or maintenance.

DEMI boasts an infrastructure of 500+ state-of-the-art miners in the ViaBTC pool with a total tokenized hash rate of 74 653.26 TH/s and an electricity cost of just $0.05/kWh. This makes DEMI one of the most energy-efficient Bitcoin mining data centers, located in three world regions, including the new BWP data center in Ethiopia.

Key Benefits

1️⃣Lifetime hash rate position ownership through $DEMI tokens.

2️⃣Daily Bitcoin wallet payouts opportunity.

3️⃣ The $DEMI token is backed by 100% real hashrate.

4️⃣Real-time hash rate audit with detailed analytics through mining pools.

5️⃣Collaboration with leading miner manufacturers and data centers.

6️⃣$DEMI is managed through a security council, with real-time auditing by Certik

7️⃣$DEMI token liquidity and exchangeability through DEX and OTC.

About DEMI (DEMX) BRC-20 token

BRC-20 is a token standard developed for use on the Bitcoin blockchain. It is similar to the ERC-20 standard in the Ethereum network and is designed for the creation and management of tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. BRC-20 allows developers to easily issue various types of tokens that can be used for different purposes, including trading, voting, and other forms of digital interactions. This standard provides basic functionality for tokens, including transferring tokens between addresses, retrieving balance information, and total token supply. BRC-20 expands the capabilities of the Bitcoin blockchain by adding smart contract functionality and tokenized assets.

DEMI BRC-20 Contract number: 57061996 Ticker: DEMX Deployer: bc1qajyhewtffmt7mcr9pt00ass7n5hq8pn2wyq30l Emission workflow: Since Demi tokens are only issued when new equipment is added, and each token must be backed by 0.1 TH/S, the tokens are issued in a way that does not account for the Timelock address (deployer). The issuance is accounted for on other addresses in the status “Available”. When the status changes to “Transferable”, these tokens are either on sale or being sent, and they do not receive rewards from miners. The DEMI token is the sole token on both BEP-20 and BRC-20; on BRC-20 it has the ticker DEMX, but it is still considered part of a single tokenized pool as a single ecosystem token. In the future, you will be able to convert tokens between the Binance Smart Chain and Bitcoin networks.

What can you already do if you have a DEMI token on BRC-20?

1️⃣ Sing In into the platform using BRC-20 via Bitcoin Network. 2️⃣ Just insert your Bitcoin public address with DEMX tokens. 3️⃣ In the dashboard, you will see analytics of your rewards. 4️⃣ All rewards transactions are available for you to explore.

Guide to Buying and Selling BRC-20 tokens

Log into the Web3 marketplace for example: for buying or selling DEMX tokens. 1️⃣ Select a wallet to connect, or install it on your mobile phone or as a browser extension.

2️⃣ After connecting your wallet, you will need Bitcoin to trade DEMX tokens.

3️⃣Choose a Bitcoin address Taproot address or Native SegWit and top it up your wallet with Bitcoin.

4️⃣ Select the appropriate slot for purchase and calculate the availability of your funds in the wallet, considering the cost of the slot and the network fee.

Click to buy now.

5️⃣ Next, you will be prompted to select the network fee; choose either the standard or fast option. However, keep in mind that transactions on the Bitcoin network have a long wait time due to network congestion. Sign the transaction in your wallet and wait to receive the DEMX tokens.

In your wallet, you can:

  • View your purchase history and the history of reward accruals.
  • If a token does not display in your wallet, you can add it manually.
  • Request to receive DEMX tokens in your wallet.
  • Send DEMX tokens to other wallets.

Cryptocurrency innovations begin with DEMI. Join us for next-generation Bitcoin mining with low costs and high returns. Your path to efficient mining starts here!

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