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DEMI BEP-20 BNB Chain User Guide

DEMI BEP-20 BNB Chain User Guide

DeMi introduces a groundbreaking RWA-mining protocol available at What sets DEMI apart is its ability to tokenize the physical hash rate of Bitcoin, offering the opportunity to own DeMi tokens. Each $DEMI token is backed by 0.1 TH/S, allowing participants to join a collective mining pool and earn from Bitcoin mining without the need for dealing with equipment delivery or maintenance.

DEMI boasts an infrastructure of 500+ state-of-the-art miners in the ViaBTC pool with a total tokenized hash rate of 74 653.26 TH/s and an electricity cost of just $0.05/kWh. This makes DEMI one of the most energy-efficient Bitcoin mining data centers, located in three world regions, including the new BWP data center in Ethiopia.

Key Benefits

1️⃣Lifetime hash rate position ownership through $DEMI tokens.

2️⃣Daily Bitcoin wallet payouts opportunity.

3️⃣ The $DEMI token is backed by 100% real hashrate.

4️⃣Real-time hash rate audit with detailed analytics through mining pools.

5️⃣Collaboration with leading miner manufacturers and data centers.

6️⃣$DEMI is managed through a security council, with real-time auditing by Certik

7️⃣$DEMI token liquidity and exchangeability through DEX and OTC.

DEMI BEP-20 BNB Chain Contract number: 0x5C9ac6CBAdfb0900a17735C9FFaACD20c60cfc15 Ticker: DEMI Symbols: 6

What can you already do if you have a DEMI token on BNB Chain?

1️⃣ using MetaMask or Trust Wallet via BNB chain network. 2️⃣ In the Staking section, specify Bitcoin address for BTC rewards, and sign the Stake transaction. Make sure you have entered the amount of tokens for staking and that your wallet has enough gas-fee BNB tokens to confirm the transaction. 3️⃣ In the dashboard, you will see analytics of your rewards. 4️⃣ All rewards transactions are available for you to explore.

Rewards will be sent to your specified Bitcoin address, with a minimum withdrawal of 0.001 BTC. Once this amount has accumulated, you will automatically receive a payout in Bitcoin.

Guide to Buying and Selling tokens with

Before starting, ensure you have a MetaMask or Trust Wallet installed. You should also be connected to the BNB Chain network and have BNB tokens to cover gas-fees. You can use the USDT token to purchase DEMI.

Log into the Web3 DEX:

1️⃣ Connect the wallet you are using MetaMask or Trust Wallet via BNB chain network. 2️⃣ If the token is not found in the search, import DEMI address. Contract number: 0x5C9ac6CBAdfb0900a17735C9FFaACD20c60cfc15 3️⃣ Select the currency for payment (for example USDT) and click confirm swap. Make sure your wallet has enough gas-fee BNB tokens to confirm the transaction. 4️⃣ Wait for the transaction to successfully complete.

After purchasing tokens, you can navigate to the dashboard at, log in using your wallet, and proceed to stake your tokens.

Cryptocurrency innovations begin with DEMI. Join us for next-generation Bitcoin mining with low costs and high returns. Your path to efficient mining starts here!

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