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DEMI: Tokenomics & Distribution

DEMI: Tokenomics & Distribution

Unveiling revolutionary tokenomics and a transparent mining ecosystem.


DEMI is a token designed to represent a liquid share of hashrate in a decentralized Bitcoin mining pool. By holding DEMI tokens, users gain access to Liquid Bitcoin mining without the need to directly own or manage mining hardware. The token operates on a transparent and stable model, providing daily Bitcoin earnings and encouraging active participation through DEMI token staking.

DEMI mining pools are backed by real eco-friendly computing power from data centers in various regions around the world. The DEMI platform undergoes public hashrate audits in real-time from mining pools such as ViaBTC and in the process of integration with Binance, F2pool, and Poolin, with collaboration from mining industry leaders like Micro BT and Bitmain.

Enhancements for DEMI Decentralized Mining Platform include:

Accessible Entry Point:
— Facilitating a low entry threshold for users;
— Ensuring accessibility without the need for costly equipment or maintenance.

Cost-Effective Operation:
— Eliminating the necessity for expensive equipment;
— Minimizing maintenance costs, making it a cost-effective option.

Electricity Cost Savings:
— Excluding additional expenses related to electricity consumption;
— Providing a sustainable mining solution with no hidden power costs.

DeFi Integration:
— Seamlessly incorporating Decentralized Finance (DeFi)mechanics;
— Empowering users with decentralized financial tools and functionalities.

Enhanced Transparency:
— Ensuring a transparent environment for all users;
— Implementing mechanisms that foster trust and openness.

Tokenomics and Distribution

A $DEMI token is exclusively generated when the equivalent Bitcoin mining power is either acquired by the Project or transferred to it. Miners contribute their mining power to the project, receiving newly minted $DEMI tokens in return. Any miner has the option to transfer their mining capacity to the Project, provided certain conditions are met. These conditions include confirming the legality and ownership of the mining capacity, ensuring that the equipment generating the mining capacity is located in data centers verified by the Demi Project. The qualifying equipment must be connected to public mining pools overseen by DEMI platforms. Additionally, the hashrate undergoes a rigorous audit, and an application for token issuance is initiated by Demi consuls. This stringent process ensures the integrity and legitimacy of the mining operations, fostering transparency and trust within the $DEMI ecosystem.

The total number of tokens in circulation must correspond to a minimum mining power equivalent to the entire represented value of all circulating tokens. As detailed later, our partner mining pool assumes the role of an independent auditor, regularly publishing reports that affirm $DEMI is fully backed by adequate mining capacity. For instance, if the blockchain indicates 1,000,000 tokens in circulation, the project must maintain a Bitcoin mining capacity of no less than 100,000 TH/s. 1 $DEMI based on 1 token ~ 0.1TH/s.

Address 0xfebb58f69b9836d6a43c77e9eaf65f020e5386b9 is the address of the staking smart contract, which stores the register of holders of the DEMI token.

DEMI token address0x5C9ac6CBAdfb0900a17735C9FFaACD20c60cfc15 in Binance Smart-Chain.

Our tokenization system is designed for flexibility, fostering a sustained positive impact on the $DEMI price over the long term. This is achieved through the gradual addition and replacement of the mining hardware fleet with more advanced models, consequently increasing overall profits. This dynamic approach ensures the continuous improvement of our mining capabilities, aligning with the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency mining.

Security consuls

DEMI Consuls are seasoned professionals boasting extensive expertise in the realm of cryptocurrency mining. Comprising both seasoned miners from prominent mining pools and the adept team behind the Demi platform, this collective brings forth a wealth of experience and qualifications to navigate the complexities of the industry.

Mining Pools: Security Consuls

The public auditors of mining equipment include: ViaBTC and in the process of integration with Binance, F2pool, and Poolin are prominent names in the cryptocurrency mining industry. ViaBTC is a Top 3 mining pool that supports various cryptocurrencies, offering a user-friendly platform. Binance, a globally renowned cryptocurrency exchange, also operates a mining pool, providing users with an integrated ecosystem. F2pool, one of the oldest mining pools, has a strong global presence and supports multiple cryptocurrencies. Poolin is a major mining pool known for its innovative features and competitive fee structures, attracting miners worldwide. Together, these platforms contribute significantly to the decentralized nature of blockchain networks through their mining operations.

Сurrent Mining Pools statistics:

Core: Security consuls

The Demi platform team oversees the administration of the primary Multisig address: 0xF0f39d83090b0acAD2ca9160970Be88b616dDc75, a pivotal component within the Demi token contract. The Transfer of Rights transaction: involves granting authority to this multisig, empowering it to execute the functionalities embedded in the smart contract for Demi token issuance and distribution. Approval for any operation necessitates a quorum of ⅔ votes, ensuring a robust decision-making process.

The quorum is subject to a meticulous verification process, which encompasses confirming the project’s hashrate through a comprehensive audit. Following the audit, the results are transparently communicated to the community. Only after this crucial step, the issuance of $DEMI tokens is initiated, ensuring a secure and accountable process. Primary multisig wallet addresses include:

Name: Serge (CEO, Founder)

Address: 0x40De7b64Ed3fF990a2573BfB129e0Bc3CD8bedfA

Role: As the founder of DEMI, Serge wields a key to the multisig address, granting him pivotal authority. His authorization is indispensable for any substantial changes or decisions crucial to the project’s trajectory.

Name: Mike (Senior Software Developer)

Address: 0x120ac98c764ce0b7dD74c399A1386afAE924179

Role: Mike, a core developer, possesses an additional key to the multisig address. His role is instrumental in maintaining the seamless technical operations of the DEMI ecosystem.

Name: Maria (CFO)

Address: 0x1C72536b36dc2E9E27916CCA285858F0a412dcae

Role: As CFO, Maria holds one of the keys, tasked with reconciling all financial data and delivering a transparent audit for the DEMI ecosystem.


In conclusion, DEMI presents a groundbreaking tokenomics and distribution model that revolutionizes the landscape of decentralized Bitcoin mining. By providing users with liquid shares of hashrate through DEMI tokens, the platform eliminates barriers to entry, making Bitcoin mining accessible, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable. The integration of DeFi mechanics further empowers users with decentralized financial tools, adding a layer of financial flexibility.

The tokenomics and distribution strategy ensure transparency and legitimacy within the $DEMI ecosystem. A rigorous process, involving audits from reputable mining pools and the DEMI Consuls, ensures that each token is backed by real and verified mining capacity. This commitment to integrity builds trust among users and enhances the overall transparency of the project.

The flexibility in the tokenization system, allowing for the gradual upgrade of mining hardware, ensures the long-term positive impact on the $DEMI price. This dynamic approach aligns with the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency mining, fostering continuous improvement in mining capabilities.

The security consuls, comprising experienced professionals and auditors, play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the DEMI platform. Public auditors from well-known mining pools, such as ViaBTC, Binance, F2pool, and Poolin, contribute to the decentralization of mining operations. The core security consuls, including the founder Serge, senior developer Mike, and CFO Maria, oversee the multisig address, ensuring a secure and accountable process for token issuance and distribution.

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