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About DeMi

About DeMi

DeMi – A Tokenized Mining Platform that enables users to get BTC rewards using DEMI Token.

With the DeMi platform, there’s no need to purchase special equipment to start mining and earning.
Simply buy DEMI tokens, stake them, and get daily BTC rewards. The amount of reward is calculated
proportionally to your share in the total mining power of the pool. The equipment is already purchased,
installed, and tokenized.

This is more profitable than traditional mining:

  • no need to search for inexpensive equipment;
  • no need to think about logistics;
  • no need to repair equipment;
  • no need to search for a data center with low electricity costs;
  • easy to sell the token at any time due to high liquidity

DeMi Token

Our token was developed using the BEP-20 standard on the BNB Chain network and is available for
purchase and use on our platform.

To date, a total of 127,420 tokens have been issued. They are additionally issued when new equipment is put into operation. For example, if 10 devices with a hashrate of 120 TH/s each are added to the pool, another 12,000 DEMI tokens will be issued.

Our best

Safe and Secure

The safety of our customers comes first. We comply with the highest security standards to ensure smooth earnings for our users.

Easy to Use

Everything is very clear and accessible to everyone: you just need to buy DEMI tokens, stake them, and get rewarded.


By purchasing DEMI tokens, you receive passive income in bitcoins. The more DEMI you have, the more BTC you get.

About Company

Our company is a global project in the high-tech computing field. We have been operating in the market since June 2017. We provide comprehensive solutions for the placement and maintenance of computing equipment with high power consumption. This involves processing blockchain transactions and supporting AI and IoT infrastructure.

We build data centers and host electrical and server equipment. Our customers are users of high-tech, ultra-performance computer hardware intended for a whole range of tasks.

Our company currently employs a network of data centers located in different regions. Our principle of operation is based on high expertise in the financial market and global economic processes, as well as on transparency and long-term relationships with clients.