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About DeMi

About DeMi
About DeMi

DeMi is a tokenized mining project. We have created a simple way to mine cryptocurrency without investing in equipment or electricity. Our team boasts over 7 years of mining expertise and possesses equipment in data centers across the globe. The energy generated by our fleet of devices is tokenized as DeMi tokens.

With DeMi, you don’t need to buy or maintain special hardware. Tokens earn daily Bitcoin rewards for as long as you own them. The size of the reward depends on your share of the total mining power of the pool.

DeMi’s benefits include a transparent and sustainable infrastructure model. We use industrial power networks and our own substations with backup connections, which guarantees uninterrupted operation of the project. Our team constantly updates fleet of devices and maintains equipment.

Our objectives involve expanding our fleet of devices, issuing additional tokens, and broadening our audience reach. DeMi’s primary mission is to democratize mining, making it accessible to all.