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A tokenized mining platform

that enables users to get BTC rewards using
DEMI Token.
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The safety of our customers comes first. We comply with the highest security standards for the smooth earnings of our users.
0.1 TH/s.
capacity of one 1 DEMI
Easy to Use
Easy to Use
Everything is clear and accessible to everyone: you just need to buy DEMI tokens, stake them, and get your reward.
1.87 $
DEMI price
By purchasing DEMI tokens, you receive passive income in bitcoins. The more DEMI you have, the more BTC you get.
38.05 %
Potential ROI

How to start work with DEMI

Step 1
Buy Tokens
Go to the Buy DEMI Token to decentralized exchanges like 1inch to buy tokens for USDT, for example.
Step 2
Stake Tokens
Link your BTC address for rewards and stake DEMI tokens. Get ready for daily rewards from the mining pool.
Step 3
Get Profit
If there are enough tokens in the staking, you receive a daily reward in bitcoins, proportional to the amount of DEMI staked.
Calculate Income
Choose Period
Staked Amount (DEMI)
20,000.00 DEMI
Bitcoin Price
71026 USD
Potential ROI
12,000.00 USD
DEMI Pools
DEMI Pools
Active Workers
86 978.35 TH/S
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

About DEMI

Current hashrate
86 978.35
30d Avg. 79 065.28TH/S
Last Updated 21.05.24 0 UTC
Total BTC Mined
12.45646029 BTC
Last Updated 21.05.24 06:00 UTC
Total paid to users
6.8891252 BTC
Last Updated 21.05.24 06:00 UTC
Spent on energy
5.29169068 BTC
Last Updated 21.05.24 06:00 UTC
Our mining pools
771 Active workers
How to buy DEMI?
BNB Chain
Bitcoin BRC-20
Contract address BNB chain
Add DEMI to Metamask
Buy with 1inch
Buy with PancakeSwap
Certik Audit
Read Guide
Contract address (DEMX)
Buy with Unisat
Buy with OKX
Read Guide
Contract address
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Powered by Green Energy
Powered by Green Energy
Embracing a commitment to sustainability, our approach to Bitcoin mining is centered on utilizing environmentally friendly data centers powered by renewable energy sources. Unlike traditional mining operations that often rely on non-renewable resources, our infrastructure is designed to minimize the ecological footprint associated with cryptocurrency mining.
Business in a nutshell
Business in a nutshell

With the DeMi platform, there’s no need to purchase special equipment to start mining and earning. Simply buy DEMI tokens, stake them, and get daily BTC rewards. The amount of reward is calculated proportionally to your share in the total mining power of the pool. The equipment is already purchased, installed, and tokenized.

If there are enough tokens in the staking, you receive a daily reward in bitcoins. The more DEMI you have, the more BTC you get. Coins are credited to the BTC address that you specify in your personal account on the platform.
User rewards are calculated according to the following principle:

User reward calculation = (total pool reward) – (electricity costs + equipment repair costs)

This is more profitable than traditional mining:

— no need to search for inexpensive equipment
— no need to think about logistics
— no need to repair equipment
— no need to search for a data center with low electricity costs
— easy to sell the token at any time due to high liquidity

DEMI Mining
ASIC Miners hashrate
Mining Pool
Electricity 0.05$/kWh
Maintenance 1%
DEMI Tokenized project hashrate DEMI Issue 0.1TH/s Token
ASIC Miners hashrate
Token Owner
DEMI Staking
Backed by real eco-friendly
computing power
Powered by Green Energy
Liquid Mining DEMI

DEMI is a token designed to represent a Liquid Share of hashrate in a decentralized Bitcoin mining pool. By holding DEMI tokens, users gain access to Bitcoin mining without the need to directly own or manage mining hardware.

The token operates on a transparent and stable model, providing daily Bitcoin earnings and encouraging active participation through DEMI token staking. DEMI mining pools are backed by real eco-friendly computing power from data centers in various regions around the world. The DEMI platform undergoes public hashrate audits in real-time from mining pools such as ViaBTC, Binance, F2pool, and Poolin, with collaboration from mining industry leaders like Bitmain.

Business in a nutshell
Key Features of DEMI platform
Decentralized Bitcoin Mining
DEMI allows users to participate in a decentralized Bitcoin mining pool, contributing to the overall hash rate without the need for separate mining equipment.
Accessibility and inclusivity
DEMI promotes inclusivity, enabling a wide range of investors, including those with limited resources, to participate in Bitcoin mining and receive a share of the mining pool rewards.
Earnings through daily payouts
DEMI token holders receive daily BTC payouts based on their staked liquid DEMI tokens, ensuring a predictable and transparent income stream.
Potential for value appreciation
The value of DEMI tokens may increase if the overall value of BTC rises, providing investors with the opportunity for capital growth in addition to regular staking rewards.
Hashrate increase
DEMI enables the swift integration of new mining equipment by issuing additional tokens. This ensures the mining pool stays competitive, embracing technological advancements, and sustaining steady profits.
DEMI offers inclusive access to Bitcoin mining, fostering a community dedicated to the prosperity of the Bitcoin ecosystem and the establishment of DEMI DAO.
Bitcoin mining made simple with us
Join our thriving miner community and unlock a world of exciting opportunities
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know if these are real miners?

Public hashrate reports: DeMi provides public reports on the actual hashrate generated by the equipment and the associated income.

Physical device connectivity: we utilize technologies that enable participants to monitor the performance, condition, and efficiency of specific mining devices.

Public blockchain records: participants can verify records on the blockchain to ensure operation validity.

Collaboration: we collaborate with data centers worldwide and the most popular pool ViaBTC.

What are your security guarantees?

Blockchain technology: DeMi utilizes blockchain technology to guarantee security through decentralized consensus and cryptographic encryption.

Smart contracts: we use smart contracts to secure and automate transactions, as well as reduce the risk of fraud.

Third-party audits: we commission independent security audits on a regularly basis to assess our platform’s security measures and identify vulnerabilities.

Multisignature wallets: we store cryptocurrency in secure multisig wallets to protect coins and tokens from unauthorized access.

Security protocols: we protect user data and assets with strong security protocols and encryption standards.

Regular updates: we constantly update and enhance our platform to eliminate vulnerabilities and improve security.

Legal compliance: we comply with relevant legal regulations and standards to protect users.

What is DEMI token?

DEMI token is an international initiative that redefines cloud mining. We provide an innovative infrastructure for mining tokenization, bringing incredible opportunities and simplification to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Tokenization is a means of transforming mining power and income into convenient tokens on the blockchain. With us, you can become a part of this revolutionary idea. We have built an infrastructure that streamlines mining as well as extends means of diversifying it.

Our public hashrate reports and collaborations with mining data centers worldwide ensure transparency and reliability.

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