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What is DeMi token?

It’s a tokenized mining project. We offer an accessible way to mine cryptocurrency. DeMi allows users to earn bitcoin without additional investments in hardware and electricity. The company owns mining equipment in multiple locations worldwide, with the computational power represented as the DeMi token. Rewards are calculated proportionally to your share of the total mining pool power.

Where can I find information about the project?

The main information is available on our website, in our primary SMM channel on Telegram, on major aggregators (CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap), as well as in the media.

Where to buy DeMi

DeMi can be purchased on DEX exchanges where the token is listed. You can find the list of exchanges on our website

Here is an instruction on how to purchase DeMi.

How long will I receive rewards?

Rewards are distributed as long as you hold the DeMi token.

What are the guarantees that the equipment will operate uptime?

The equipment is backed by real computing power generated in our data centers. We use industrial power grids and have our own substations with backup connections. Our team updates the equipment and maintains it. We regularly inform users about equipment purchase and additional emissions in social networks and press releases.

Who is responsible for equipment safety?

Data centers are protected by a perimeter fence with an alarm system and are guarded by a specialized company that provides 24/7 monitoring of the equipment. In addition, CCTV cameras are installed on the territory, operating around the clock, and all activity inside the data centers is recorded.

How is token storage security ensured?

All tokens are held at the project’s smart contract address:


Transactions are accessible and can be verified.

What are the advantages of your business model?

Our company has been in mining business for over 7 years and manages several data centers in different countries. We purchase equipment at wholesale prices from trusted suppliers. One of the advantages of the project is the low cost of electricity at $0.05 per kWh (for example, the average price in the USA is $0.075). This model allows us to withstand any changes in the cryptocurrency world, from prolonged crypto winters to halving.

How much bitcoin rewards will I receive in a year?

Our website has a convenient ROI calculator. You can find out the expected amount of rewards depending on the number of tokens purchased, the Bitcoin price and time perspective.

What determines the amount of rewards?

The amount of your rewards may depend on the Bitcoin price and the complexity of its mining network. The main factors for changing difficulty are the number and performance of devices used to mine coins.

What is the minimum payout amount?

The minimum payout amount is 0.001 BTC. If the amount is less than this figure, then the rewards are saved on your balance in your personal account and are paid when this threshold is reached.

What affects the price of a token?

The cost of a token is determined by exchange quotes, trading volume, mining profitability, and often depends on the cost of computing equipment.

What mining pools do you work with?

DeMi operates through the famous ViaBTC mining pool.

What happens if the Bitcoin price falls?

Any cryptocurrency is volatile. Bitcoin is no exception. Our project is based on the belief in Bitcoin as the world’s leading cryptocurrency. This confidence is justified by the fact that despite the volatility, Bitcoin has been demonstrating stable growth for more than 15 years.

Our business model is designed in such a way that even if the value of Bitcoin falls, we have a competitive advantage due to low energy costs and the purchase of energy efficient equipment.

Do you have a roadmap? Where is the project heading?

We strive to expand our fleet of devices and inform users about each additional token emission and equipment purchase. The project is expanding to new regions and we are working to make DeMi available in countries where the cryptocurrency is popular or has potential for development. Our plans also include entering new exchanges and trading platforms. A detailed roadmap will be published on our website soon.

What is the main goal of DeMi?

The main mission is to make mining accessible not only to crypto enthusiasts, but also to ordinary people. Even though DeMi is a fundamentally high-tech and complex product, we want to make it simple and understandable. Our goal is to create an accessible infrastructure and the opportunity to earn money.

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Our support team is online 24/7
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