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How to buy DeMi on 1inch

How to buy DeMi on 1inch
How to buy DeMi on 1inch

1. Make sure you have MetaMask or Trust Wallet installed.

2. To buy DeMi, you will need any currency on the BSC network. For example, BNB – for the purchase of tokens and a part to cover network commissions (the so-called “gas”).

3. Go to the site

4. On the main page, go to the section: “Buy DEMI”, click “Buy with 1inch”.

5. Connect your Web3 wallet (Trust or Metamask) to the 1Inch exchange via “Connect Wallet”.

Select the wallet you use. For example, Metamask.

 6. In the Metamask interface, you need to select the BNB network (instruction).

 7. In order for DeMi tokens to appear in the Metamask wallet, you need to add them. Click “Import tokens”.

Insert the smart contact address to import the DeMi token:


When the DeMi token ticker appears, click “Next”

Click “Import”

8. Using an identical method, you need to add tokens to the 1inch interface: by DeMi ticker, or by smart contract address.

Click on the “+” sign

Enter the smart contract address in the search bar:


9. Next, select your BNB purchase currency and click “Swap.”

The system will offer to exchange BNB for WBNB, click “Wrap BNB to WBNB” and confirm the exchange in the MetaMask wallet interface.

After this, you can change WBNB to DeMi – click “Confirm Swap”

10. Congratulations, you have purchased DeMi! The DeMi balance will now appear in your Metamask wallet.

In order to receive your first mining rewards, you need to stake DeMi.

Instruction for staking.