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How to stake DeMi

How to stake DeMi
How to stake DeMi

In order to receive the first rewards after purchasing DeMi, you need to stake them. It’s very simple!

1. Log in to the Dashboard on the website or through the Web version

2. Select the entry option: BNB Chain/Metamask, or BRC-20. Let’s try to log in through the Metamask wallet.

3. The Dashboard interface will open and you will see the ‘Staking’ field. You need to copy your Bitcoin address (you will receive rewards to it) in the ‘Address for rewards’ column, indicate the number of tokens you want to stake and click the “Stake” button.

Congratulations, you have started earning Bitcoin!

The minimum payout amount is 0.001 BTC. If the amount is less than this figure, then the rewards will be saved on your balance in your personal account and will be paid when this limit is reached.

*Your DeMi balance may not be visible in your wallet right after staking. In order for the balance to appear, enter the address of the smart contract of tokens for staking in the ‘Import tokens’ field: