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What Is Cloud Mining?

What Is Cloud Mining?

In our days, when it comes to crypto like Bitcoin, mining doesn’t mean digging in the ground. Instead, it involves using powerful computers or rigs to solve tricky math problems. This is important for keeping a secure record, like a blockchain, and making sure transactions are correct. While miners get new crypto tokens as a reward, the main goal is to keep transactions accurate and secure.

With cloud mining, the hardware is with the cloud mining provider, but all the rewards go to the miner. The company charges a monthly fee and no matter how much you mine. With cloud mining even small miners can start their mining story. It’s like using the provider’s efficient setup and sharing some risks of it with them. This way, customers can grow their mining operations faster and get their profits sooner and more.

Types of Cloud Mining

Now, let’s look at the two main types of cloud mining so you can decide better.

Host Mining

This is a popular way for remote mining. With it, you buy the equipment and pay for the mining rig’s upkeep. But the rig is in a hosting facility that takes care of everything for you. These places are made for hosting mining gear. And you can watch your device’s performance from your home using software or interfaces.

Rental Hash Power Cloud Mining 

Renting hash power is like buying stock from a crypto mining company instead of doing host mining. Miners can rent some of a crypto mining farm’s hash power. You don’t pay for setting up the mining rig, but there’s a subscription fee. You have access to a share of the revenue for finding new crypto blocks based on the mining hash power you rented.

Hash rate contracts, like cloud mining, work without a middleman. Customers and miners directly talk and do business with interfaces and apps. It’s a way for users and miners to work together.

Which Cryptocurrencies Can You Mine?

When deciding if you want to mine cryptocurrency, most people think about making money. But making money doesn’t just depend on how much a mining coin is worth. Some new miners might get it wrong. You also need to think about the fees for using the cloud mining service.

Instead, you can look at the different websites to see which coin is giving the most profit and don’t try just to earn a lot of Bitcoins quickly because mining is a thing you do for a long time to invest.

More, something that works well now might not be profitable for mining tomorrow because there are always changes with the crypto market. Okay, maybe Bitcoin will always be the most expensive cryptocurrency but it’s not guaranteed. 

Even though there are many coins using Proof-of-Work for mining, here is a list of some popular coins you can mine in 2024: Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE),  Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), ZCash (ZEC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), AEON (AEON), Kaspa (KAS), and Ravencoin (RVN).

Choosing the right cryptocurrency for cloud mining means more than just making as much Bitcoins or other currencies as possible quickly. It’s about being smart and thinking long-term in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency.

Benefits of Cloud Mining

Cloud mining has dozens of advantages, especially for people keen on Bitcoin mining but lacking the resources or technical know-how to set up their mining operations. Here are the perks of cloud mining.

No technical know-how needed for mining

One big plus of cloud mining is that you don’t need any technical knowledge. With cloud mining it is the company that handles all the details, and users only need to rent or to buy mining capacities from them.

No upfront hardware costs

Buying mining hardware can be pricey, and the technology can become outdated fast. Cloud mining eliminates worries about these costs because you’re renting and using the hardware rather than purchasing it.

No heat or noise

Mining hardware produces a lot of heat and noise, which can be bothersome if it’s in your home. With cloud mining, the hardware is in a data center, so you don’t have to deal with these issues.

Provides passive income

Once you’ve paid for your cloud mining contract, the mining company handles everything else. This leads to a passive income, allowing you to earn cryptocurrency rewards without actively doing anything.

Risks in Cloud Mining Crypto

Certainly, cloud mining comes with its share of risks. Here are four important ones to keep in mind:

Scam projects

Some cloud mining platforms have turned out to be scams, taking away users’ money. It’s crucial to do thorough research to make sure the mining platform is legit, avoid potential scams, save privacy of your data and more.


There are fees and operational costs with cloud mining that can cut into profits more than you might expect. Sometimes, just buying the cryptocurrency and holding onto it can be more profitable than mining.

Market volatility

Cryptocurrencies often have prices that go up and down a lot. A sudden drop in the value of a mined cryptocurrency can quickly turn what seemed like a profitable venture into nothing or more — into a loss.

Regulatory hurdles

The rules for cryptocurrency and mining are changing and differ from each other around the world. Miners need to know the regulations in their own country and the mining company’s location to avoid potential legal problems or more.

Now that you’re aware of the risks in cloud mining, let’s explore some of the other important things you should know from the very beginning. 

Choosing a Cloud Mining Provider

Selecting the right cloud mining provider needs careful thinking to steer clear of scams and make sure you have a good experience. Check out the mining provider’s reputation, and how clear they are about what they do (the content of the site and social networks), and what users say about them in reviews, the privacy policy, and other features. Moreover, it’s super important for cloud miners to go with a provider that’s open about how they work, the fees they charge, and how they keep things safe. Look at these things for different providers to decide wisely – the cheapest option might not be the best. Aim for a provider that’s reliable, clear about what they do, and gives good value for your money.

Let’s take DeMi: how can you ensure that the platform is trustworthy? We will tell you:

  1. Public hashrate reports: DeMi provides public reports on the actual hashrate generated by the equipment and the associated income.
  2. Physical device connectivity: we utilize technologies that enable participants to monitor the performance, condition, and efficiency of specific mining devices.
  3. Public blockchain records: participants can verify records on the blockchain to ensure operation validity.
  4. Collaboration: we collaborate with data centers from all over the world and the most popular pool ViaBTC.

How to Begin Cloud Mining

Starting cloud mining is all about doing some research. First, find trustworthy companies for cloud mining. Genesis Mining is one that’s known for being reliable in Bitcoin cloud mining, but that is only one from many others you can check out too.

Select your provider

Once you find a reliable cloud mining service, make an account of a miner. This lets you see details about contracts, costs, and what you might earn.

Choose a contract

Providers have different contracts for cloud mining, depending on things like how long it lasts, the power it has, and the kind of cryptocurrency you want to mine. For example, some people like mining Bitcoin, while others might prefer altcoins.

Keep an eye on your progress

After getting your contract, the process of mining starts. Some providers let you watch how you’re doing, your hash rate, and earnings using a mobile app or website.

Take Out Your Earnings 

When you’ve gathered enough cryptocurrency, you can take it out and put it in your digital wallet. Remember, while there’s a chance to make money, always keep an eye on market trends and the terms of your contract.

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